We Are Consumers

by Atlantis Of The Sky

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Debut EP. Be prepared for the next release.


released September 30, 2013

Jacob Pedersen; Vocals / Chad Shah; Guitar / Hughesy; Bass / Aden Stokes; Guitar / Phillip Hyde; Drums / Rohan Kumar; Broken Sound Studios / Rhys Phillips; Cheeky Fringe Designs



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Atlantis Of The Sky Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Bob Is Dead
Listen up maggots, you are not special
Not a beautiful unique snowflake
You're the same decaying organic matter as everybody else
We are consumers.

You're consumed by the same routine
How could you grow up and not follow your dreams?
Now you realize this lifestyle is worthless
The things you own have always owned you
Your reality has taken a step back
Everything in your life has changed
Things are seen through a different aspect
but now you don't believe all their lies.

God does not like you
He never wanted you, he hates you.
This is not the worst thing that can happen
We don't need him, we don't need him.

Wide awake you walk the distance of life
Walking side by side with all you despise
I know forsaken is quite a harsh word
but it describes your entire world
Such a cold place your mind must be
Never nearing the things you once dreamed
Lonely and afraid you follow along
You're drowning in society.

God does not like you
He never wanted you, he hates you.
This is not the worst thing that can happen
We don't need him, we don't need him.

We watched the flames alight
City drowned apon our sight
Freedom given to those around
Without notice life they have found.
Track Name: Nameless Creator
I take no comfort in knowing your pain
Why would I spend my time fixing my creation
When I molded this world I brought fourth time and space
The continuity of your salvation
Is irrelevant.

I'm not watching over you
I forgot you even existed
Such a simple life form
Trying to purpose it's existence.

Take a look to the horizon
Do you see the future arriving?
and if we cannot stop fighting
This world will surely be broken.

You have no idea how this began
Speaking words of only a mortal believer
What are you believing in? Someones ancient opinion
Have you forgotten where you are? Clueless in reality.

I am your creator
Nameless to your words
I am your betrayer
Visions of better worlds
Architect of the sun
Inception of your surface
Divided you stand alone
United you're worthless.

You're all fucked now.

Watch as my sickness extinguishes all hope around you.
You are a candle in a hail storm and I have found you.

and I have found you.
Track Name: Farewell Desire
Farewell Desire

Every message, every promise and every kiss is lead by fate
I'm just digging my own grave in a more efficient way
How long will it be before you destroy me,
will you try to change or just say goodbye?

When I see your eyes I only see beauty
and you don't see what will, what will satisfy your needs
I wish I could keep this feeling alive
But you have taunted my every desire

Every message, every promise, every kiss is lead by fate
I'm just digging my own grave in a more efficient way.

How long will it take before you destroy me,
will you try to change or just say goodbye?
Say goodbye.

So will you burn the memories?
Put on a mask so I can't see you
Will you sail the seven seas?
Gas mask on so you won't have to breathe our air.
Track Name: Da Firenze
How could I regret the only life I've ever known?
To bring stability to the evil they have shown
Eternally the creed will live and all the rest will see
The message we fought to scar the minds of all the men with greed.

Raised among the brotherhood
The motto was always understood
Nothing is true, so open your mind
We hope to find the answers inside.

To see the land of the deceased
To contact our history
To see the memories of the lost
We couldn't dream for more.

To meet the men among the mist
To hear the voices of the past
To find the answers from within
We've always searched for god.

Another sunrise, another set.
The days fly me right by.
Another victim, another mess.
My murder counts arise.

My murder counts arise.
My murder counts arise.
My murder counts a-fucking-rise.

Future proceeds with a thousand warnings
A million times they've told us to run
We take the challenge with a single blade
but this does not mean that we have won.
Now the clocks have slipped away
Leaving time in any moment but now
The sun arises to start the new day
This world will always be ours.

Move forward leave the past behind
But the past is always on my mind
To join the creed I hope to find
The men who run this world so blind.
Track Name: The Operator
The slender one
Tall as the trees
Your skin grows colder
Feel his disease
It's taking over
I can see it in your eyes
Red gold runs right through your veins.

Do you feel the eyeless watching over you?
Faceless and out of existence.
Do you know what you're about go through?
You are racing time.

Like a plague he takes over your mind
Eating you from the inside alive
You won't realize till it's to late
Nobody will ever relate.
You're fucking crazy
Fucking insane!
They will never fucking understand.

Hallucination is your excuse
I know you're dreaded to the core
Extermination and abuse
Your final lie will be no more.

Sacrifice your mind to the beholder
Temple burns in the eyes of possession
Blinded by the fear of reality
On your knees scream your final confession.